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Memory sticks/small drives
My pc was infected by a virus which has now been sorted. However, it has stopped me being able to use external small drives. The Pc recognises them in Control Panel as an icon. However, when I try and open the drive up it tells me the drive needs formatting!

I cannot find a solution in the normal places. I thought it might be in device manager but no. The properties within device manager even says the devise is working properly.

Appreciate any thoughts
try the device in another machine just to make sure they don't need to be formatted.
if you have pulled out a device without stopping it first it can cause this sort of error.
if the device works ok on another machine try doing this.
plug the device in , then go in to device manager.
call up the device thats giving problems , right click on it and select uninstall.

remove the drive from the usb.
restart windows

then plug the device back in that will force windows to reload its mass storage device driver.
HI, many thanks for this.
Unfortunately, I tried this. The stick and others all work elsewhere. I uninstalled as you suggested and plugged it back in and it appeared to reload. However, although it appears in My Computer is still won't open, still asking to format. I did call its bluff and try to format but it said it could not access the drive.

Any thoughts greatly apprciated. Thanks
ok lets see if we can fool windows in to reloading its usb support.

do the above and remove the drive from device manager.
restart the pc without the drive plugged in.

now update your motherboard chipset drivers.
restart once more and use windows update to bring it fully up to date.

once thats all done go online then plug the drive back in once more
use a different usb port if you can and a main port not one on a hub, main ports are just under your keyboard and mouse ports
any update driver for usb mass storage device will be downloaded from microsoft.
Apologies for being dense, but how to I update my motherboard chipset drivers?

what is your motherboard make and model number ?
and what windows are you running ?

i will find the best set for you.
Running Windows XP. PC a Gateway 500

Motherboard, details from Device manager:

on Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to ISA bridge (ISA
Device instance ID ACPI\PNPOCO2\4&2658DOAO7O
IO Range 7000 - 700F / 8000 - 803F / Memory range FFF80000 - FFFFFFFF
is this your pc ?

if it is gateway list via chipset ??

download and use the intel Chipset Identification Utility.

and also please download and install everest.
you will find that in the download section on the bottom of the forum.

with everest running , click the little + next to motherboard and then click chipset.

post back with what intel and everest tells you.

still need to know what windows your running

Yes, that is my PC

My Windows is Home Edition XP

I've saved all the information via print print screen so you can see it all from Chipset and Intel. Can I e mail that to you as an attachement as there is a lot of data in the reply?

yes please do email it to webmaster@davesdrivers.com
right now your in deep poo poo

thats the old intel 440bx chipset which had massive problems with usb.
windows xp has built in support for that chipset and no newer driver will be found as intel stopped supporting it years a go

i think the best way to clear the problem would be a clean full reinstall of windows xp.

i use to really like the video card you have in that system the old 3DFX dam good cards back when they were new.
all this talk about SLI and Crossfire, 3DFX came out with that years ago you could link two pci voodoo cards together to get better gfx.
Really appreciate all your help. Extra 'challenge' will be that my XP version was the one that upgraded my existing Windows 98!

In view of the age of the PC, about 12 years old, I'm beginning to wonder if it is coming to the end of its lifespan.

Is a reinstall of the XP I have going to be ok if thats what I choose to do?
the pc is showing its age a little however if you have been happy with it till now it can last a little longer..
as long as it does everything you want it to there really is no need to replace it..

now with your xp disk it depends on what one you have.
if you have the full windows xp you will be fine to do a clean install.
if you have a upgrade disk thats a bit more tricky as you need a older version of windows installed first IE 98, 98SE , me before windows xp will go back on.
Your'e right. The PC is still overall in good shape, it's just the USB.

The XP I have is an upgrade. The Windows I had over 10 years ago was Windows 98SE.
Is that OK? Never having done an Install before, is it quite straight foward or does it affect all the other software i'e do they have to be re-loaded 1 by 1? Cheers
you may well need drivers at some point but going by the age of that pc i would think windows xp should have 90 to 99% built in

what you need to do is blank the hard driver by formating it with a windows 98se start up disk ( floppy )
can be download from here.

you will need to install windows 98se once more but don't worry about any sort of drivers for that just get it installed.
if you need help with that i can tell you how to install 98 as long as you have the disk.
once 98 has installed you put your windows xp disk in and do the upgrade once more.
and then you back to where you are now without the problems ( with luck )

now as your hard drive will be blanked its important that you save your files or pictures you want to keep.
and yes any software will also take a walk so that will need to be put back on once you have xp running once again
If you have the 98 disk and the XP disk, it's possible to use the upgrade version of XP to boot with and do a clean install. It will ask you for the 98 disk once, to prove you have the "right" to upgrade. Then you put the XP disk back in and it will install normally. If the drive was ever converted from FAT or FAT32 to NTFS, the 98 boot floppy won't find the hard drive and do a format. XP will ask you to format, and do the format for you.

A little faster that way, usually.

Any new install requires reloading the software.
Appreciate all your help. just need to take the plundge and go for it. I'm just worried I may open a whole can of worms in doing so!


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