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8 led pc camera-168 driver
hey guys...pulling my hair out trying to get a driver for this one.. bought off ebay and no reply from seller...cd was supplied with it but it does not work..also asked other ebayers who bought same camera and like fools they left feedback on arrival and then tried using and cannot install it just like me.... heres the link with picture http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=360040489820&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=023 tried over 30 odd drivers now and still not working and xp says cannot find software to install it... the chip inside it says it alcor 3803...thanks guys
before i start pushing you all over the net you sure about that chip make and number ?

I have not come across a chipset named alcor before.
have a quick read of this topic it may be of help to you.

hi there..yes its does say alcor and under it it says AU3803. i looked at the picture and where it would say sonix it does say alcor..used a magnifying glass on it to be sure..ive been googling for several days and tried lots of drivers but still not installing.i also noticed that the cd that came with it are the sonix drivers..the seller has since emailed me another driver and its still not the correct driver for it..thanks again info i found about alcor is here http://www.alcormicro.com/ and it appears they make many chips
right guys...managed to actually find a driver which wasnt even nothing to do with my camera and its installed the cam and its working perfectly now...file size is 12.9mb and is called Jpeg_usb2_0_webcam. maybe someone could use it cos no doubt someone be coming across the cam with the alcor chip inside the cam and not being able to install it.
do you have a link to the driver it may be of use to someone else i can download it and keep it safe in my database.

12.5 meg is too big to email even to my site address it will get rejected.

can you also check one thing for me.
with the cam plugged in , go in to device manager, right click on the cam and select propieties , then click driver tab.
just want to find out what driver that is and who made it.

thank you
hi dave it says driver provider is generic and driver version is version dated july 2007. i shall upload it to a site for you shortly and throw you link... its working this cam perfectly now and was totally unrelated to my camera and luckily came across it.. cheers
ok bud here we go..please let me know that u got it ok...have rarred it up also.. i installed it , rebooted and then plugged cam in and rebooted again.. nps at all after that..cheers http://www.sendspace.com/file/yl6u51 oh nearly forgot to mention...some of these cams is also known as transwin
thank you for your help, i have downloaded that driver and will upload it to site in the next few days.
ok dave cheers 4 the heads up bud and glad to be of help..turns out to be a very good cam actually and better than expected it to be..on msn with my son right now and he commented right way that i no longer look like im sat in a dark corner with camera on and can now see me clearly so im pleased alround ..only issue i had is with the videocap software which is rubbish anyway and not needed..thanks once again...gaz
yup that videocap is much like that amcap or should that be crap. hopless that thing.
best to use the wizard built in msn to gain the best picture but as your son can see you i would think you have done that already.

once again thank you for your help , i am sure someone will be looking for this driver at some point.
np bud..yea i used msn to adjust everything other than focus on the cam itself n results is proper good and better than expected..with other cams i used it got jerky when i moved..non of that with his cam..so its looking good..thanks again and glad to be of help...also emailed buyers of same cam within ebay that said couldnt install it and suggested they try driver out..although their cams could have a different chip in them...they seem to throw the cams out willy nilly regardless of driver they include
twista Wrote:they seem to throw the cams out willy nilly regardless of driver they include

that is all to true i can tell you, i think every day i get someone ask for a cam driver they bought on ebay.
i have noticed one thing if the seller knows full well they are shipping the wrong driver the disk is broken or damaged by the time the buyer gets it.
twista went inot that site u gave cant find the driver on it you must of deleted it but i am also looking for that driver it is a major pain in the bum
I have a very similar problem, hope Im in the right place.
I also bought a usb 8 LED pc camera off ebay.
I installed the software and then plugged it in.
In my device manager it shows up as an unknown device
says no driver found.
the folder in my program files folder it shows as JPEG Camera
there is a driver folder in there. I have tried installing the driver
with the hardware wizard directing it to that folder and also
directing it to my d drive where the cd is and neither work.

When i plug it in it doesn't even recognize it..does not say found
new hardware. Says it doesn not recognize it.

So after searching all over the place for the last two days I'm
frustrated and exhausted and praying you can help.

This is the link to the what it looks like and specs. I found this
in my search to find a driver or help on my problem

Thank you so much
Serenity Blessings
This is great..would help to read from the beginning..lol

I have the same exact pc camera..Alcor Au308 chipset.
Followed the instructions fnd the information.
In process of downloading the driver now.

Also helped to learn problem with video cap..that is a pain too.
Thank you so much, will let you know how it goes

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