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driver recovery 4 toshiba satelite L100-113
Goodday everyone.
I misplaced my product recovery disc .I then loaded XP from my desktop but now I dont have the drivers 4 the various cards on the systemEek Is there any source 4 the drivers and which drivers do I need. Or can you download a copy of the product recovery disc 4 a Toshiba Satelite L100-113.
Any help would be much appreciated!Thinking
I take it your in oz ?

is that the full model number of that laptop ? i can find a M100 or a P100 listed at toshiba au but not a L100

if you turn your laptop upside down you will find a sticker on that sticker will be its full model number.
please post back with what you find and i will then use that at toshiba to find any driver downloads.
Goodday davey6

No sorry I'm not in oz, South Africa actually- hope thats not a problem.
I found as much info off the laptop as possible: Its a Toshiba satelite L100-113, Model# PSLA3E-024015G3 ,Serial # 46078434W ,Toshiba microsoft product key D**VG-*****-M**PW-****-Q***3.

I actually found it on the Toshiba website, I even got as far as the section to download drivers ,but as soon as you request a download it tells you that it cant find said driver.
So hopefully you can help me out. As I said before I managed to load my desktops version of XP ,but none of the accessories work,so hopefully you can assist me in finding a copy of a product recovery cd, even if its just the sound card and video card drivers.

HDHAWKE Thinking
all drivers can be found here.

click drivers in the right hand list and it will take you to the download section.
look down the list of downloads for what you need.

i edited your product key number, its just to stop anybody trying to use it.
Thanks a million 4 ur assistance!:thankyou:

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