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cannot find USB drive
I recently purchased a USB travel case for a laptop hard drive. I purchased a 40 GB Toshiba hard drive (MK4018GAS HDD2170) from e-bay for a good price. The info stated it was in excellant condition with all sectors good and it has been formatted. I plugged the unit into the travel case then the USB port. Windows XP acknowledged the unit had been found and is working properly but I cannot find it any where. It shows up in the usb section under the control panel as a generic drive but I still cannot find it Can anyone help?:thankyou
i think the drive has not been formatted or partitioned fully.

use a windows 98se or windows me floppy to start the pc in dos mode and use fdisk to partition that drive.
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will try what you have suggested. All I want to do is use this for a backup for some data entry programs that I use.
Thanks again
Just to let you know, you were correct on the incomplete formatting/Partioning of the hard drive. Could not find a computer with ME or 98 on it. If you go to the control panal in XP, then go to computer management, locate the drive their, you can format it, name it, partion it, etc. etc. That is what I did. You steared me in the right direction!
Thanks Again,
just a bit of info if you ever need that dos floppy you can download it free from here.

sometimes if i get one of those drives that won't do what its told i go back to the old way and format the drive in fat32 then start windows and redo it with ntfs.

but glad things are working now.
The 2.5" usb drive caddys are very handy - I have two, one with a 60G Toshiba, the other with a 100G Hitachi. I wear them out, reformat them, and go back for more. Glad you got it sorted out.

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