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Downgrade HP Pavilion dv9000 Vista to XP problems
old topic i had to re-read it lol

ok try the lan's i have ripped for another 9000 series here.

one of them should work
:D I know, I've have traveled alot and now im finally home hehe, I will look at it, thanks very much!
Huh it didnt work, none of them :(
one of those should have worked,
i will see if i can rip the vista drivers from hp and get rid of the vista install and just leave the 32bit drivers intact
i will try that tomorrow as its a bit late here now and i am thinking of my bed.
just remind me we are talking lan card here and not wifi card as both would show as unkown net controller in device manager.
Hi again, no im surfing as we speak with wifi access, "broadcom 4321AG 802,11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi-adapter" but the lancard does not work, "Ethernet Network Controller".
ok this is a direct rip from the vista 32bit drivers listed at hp for your model.
i have removed anything in the driver for vista and these may well need to be forced installed but they should work as they are the correct ones.
if trying device manager it refuse's to load, try the add new hardware wizard from control panel , choose lan controller , then choose have disk or show list, and force xp to install the driver you wish.

Attached Files
.zip   lan.zip (Size: 345.23 KB / Downloads: 17)
The first way didnt work with device manager, the second attempt when trying to add it from hardware wizard I come all the way to choose lan controller, then I choose "have disk", I located the ripped driver u made and load it by an .inf file I press ok but all I get is an empty box and I can't click next to proceed, In the box you have to match a network card with the driver I loaded but the box is empty :S
that laptop needs a good kicking.

go back to nvidia, use the auto detect, download the newest chipset on offer, they have just made new drivers.
rip the driver apart and remove the Ethernet driver from the package and put it on your desktop
like wise use the two drivers i gave you yesterday as well.
then use the found new hardware wizard and see if you can force any of those.
one of them has got to work as they are all for the dv9000 range.

if that still don't work don't click have disk, choose install from a list.
look down the list for ethernet/lan
click that then scroll down to nvidia and see if windows will allow one of those to install to get that working for you.

no matter what way you try please make sure all firewalls and anti-virus is switched off as it will block you.

i have a nice job this week, my friend is bringing me a top of the range xps dell that just came direct from dell with vista he now don't want vista so will be downgrading that for him.
should be a heap of fun with that thing as its got turbo memory controllers which are not supported by xp.
Ok, Ill try that :).. sorry for giving you more work :p.. I will write when im done testing :)
I cant find the driver, it says that I have a nForce 630M, but I cant find it in the driver menu
fucking shit hell dick, I want to shot my brain out :p.. I forced the lan1.zip driver and now im getting blue screen and cant start windows normally, I started safe boot and tried to remove the driver, but it says it cant, so now im making a clean new windows from begin, fucking shit :P
the 630M is a chipset that was built for vista by nvidia.
now the nforce forums do say its vista only ,
most tech sites inc microsoft say use the 630i drivers which you have already done, i just wonder because of your geforce built in card its the 650i lan in that laptop.

try these two drivers.
rip the lan out of this set and try it.

plus the one i just done from a early set of drivers myself which is on this post.

by now one of these should have taken, you are running xp pro ? and not any other version of xp ?
and please don't tell me you have installed sp3 just yet as that will screw up what your trying to do.

Attached Files
.zip   lan.zip (Size: 345.23 KB / Downloads: 16)
No a clean windows xp pro with sp2 :) wich one shall I test the attached file? I dont know how to rip a driver or how you mean :P can you explain that?
wich Conexant High Definition Audio Driver shall I use? I've installed the UAA, but wich driver shall I use? edit: I have been in the conexant HD section of yours but u got alot versions, shall I download the 4.7 or is it any special version for my laptop?
the attached file I downloaded? is it the same as the one you posted before? because I tested it and forced it to install manually but I got a "!" sign on the network card.
try loading the full 650i chipset drivers

take note of where they unpack to as thats where your find the lan driver should it fail to auto install

the other lan was one i ripped from a older set of 630i drivers but if it fails to work its not the correct one.

with the audio drivers yes go for the newest i have that would be version 4.7
those are direct from microsoft but if you had a working driver before that please reload that one.

to rip the nforce drivers you really need a pc that does not run a nforce chipset, what you do is just run the full package but unpack it to a folder on your desktop and not the default nvidia folder on your c: drive.
you have to push cancel just before then drivers install.
easy on a none nforce chipset machine like my own , but when you have a nforce chipset it may not work and try and install the full package.

ones you should try really.
direct from nvidia

i just can't work out why your lan refuse's to load when others on the forum with the same chipset have managed to get it working with the 630i drivers
unless of corse you just have one of those machines that don't have the standard lan card.
the lan is enabled in your bios ?
that would stop it fully working.

worse comes to worse you will have to go back to vista just to test this lan card is working and not faulty.
a faulty lan card would throw up this sort of problem as well.
omfg!!!!!! YES its working "NVIDIA nForce Newtorking Controller" !!! I did force the 630i, this time it worked, dont know why!!!!!!!!! this took months haha, but now I cant get my sound to work lol ^^ it worked before, this computer is fucking sick haha
you know what do you have any devices that are sharing a IRQ ?

for one device to work and one to stop i would think you do.

go in your bios screen and reload its defaults switch everything back over to full auto on IRQ
hmm no its not that who is the problem, I cant find the right driver to my sound, I dont remeber wich one it was :s..
you may have to force things a little as hp only list conexant HD which could be a number of chips.
did you try loading my HD audio drivers from my download section ?

most of those are direct from microsoft as i have access to microsoft drivers.
but last time I had the driver I didnt have to force it, now I dont know wich one I used :S

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