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ecs p4m800pro ver2
with sata drive you will need to install the sata driver by pushing f6 in the startup of xp install.

now something is wrong here as the sata drive is fast enough to cope.
now i am going to run over some very basic ideas some of them silly but its best to check.

make sure your cdrom is is the only drive connected to ide 2 channel, set as master.

just make sure you have not mixed up your ide channels and are using the correct ones.

took time but i did download the manual, please download it yourself look at page 30 . tells you how to disable fast boot.

if you have another memory stick swap it just in case you have? ? bad ram.

if none of the above get that board working and its brand new take it back to the shop for a replacement its also possible you have a bad board.
I sent back loads of esc boards sometime ago when the p3 733 was brand new sent back over 50 boards with a fault where they would boot into bios but for the love of god they would not set up no matter what you did to them.
i appreciate your help but you are right have had alot of problems
with ecs i bought the board and chip very cheap so i can toss the board thanks again Danny Crockett
drct@suddenlink .net

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