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USB - Serial w/ DTR voltage
I bought a USB to Serial cable on ebay (HL340) but it does not work with a NetLink wireless device I have from Fitsense. I contacted Fitsense and they said the following:

"USB Serial converter you have doesn't supply the necessary voltages that are required to turn on the Netlink hardware.The batteries are not required.
You need to make sure that you have DTR voltages on the serial converter."

Can anyone provide me with a link to a USB Serial converter that would work?
most of these cables do not supply any sort of voltage to the device connected.
you will have to contact Fitsense once more and ask them what cross over cable or cross over box they recomend to run their products.

what you might need is a cross over self powered switch box
that should work better then a usb to db9 cable.

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