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usb mp3 player
I recently bought a mp3 player and I plugged it into my laptop's usb port. However my laptop pops up a little bubble saying that the device can work faster on another usb 2.0 port etc. It doesn't make sense as I've been using that port for other devices and it works fine on 2.0 speeds.

Also I cannot see the device in "My Computer".


I've read the various postings on this forum and they all doesn't seem to work on my 4 year old laptop.

I have no sound, but it seems to be playing. I also get irritating beeps when an error occurs.

Control Panel -> "Sounds & Audio Devices". There are some drivers there such as audio/video codec, etc...
For all of them: "Device status: Device are working properly".

All menu boxes are greyed out, except for my modem PCI driver.

And I have a "NO audio output device installed" message when I try to play an mp3 on WMPlayer.


what is the make and model number of your laptop ?

what windows are you running ?

check to see what device manager list.
click start , control panel , double click system icon , hardware tab , device manager.

any problems should show up with a yellow ? or !

also check , control panel , sound and audio devices , audio tab.
default playback device.
if nothing is listed see if you can use the pull down menu and select your sound card.
that warning is nothing to worry about, its just letting you know to plug the device in one of your main usb ports and not a hub.

run windows update for any updates to your usb ports.
The thing is that I cannot see the drive on "My Computer", so I cannot open access the MP3 player. I can't copy files to it. ?

I've ran "Windows Update", and I get an error message. I think it can't detect the necessary configurations on my laptop coz my OS is too corrupted lol.

I've a few external hdd and they work on usb2.0 speeds on that usb port except one, which works on usb1.0 speeds, not sure why. Is there a reason why it sometimes detect usb1.0 and sometimes usb2.0 speeds ?
All my devices are usb2.0 devices, so it can't be a problem of my devices.

Thanks for replying.

it depends on the firmware being used inside the device.
if one of your ex hard drives is running at usb 1.1 then its the firmware version of the hard drive or the case its self.

like wise the same may happen with this mp3 player.
what is the make and model number of that player it may need a driver in order for windows to see it in my computer.

and what windows are you running.
Hi, Thanks.
I'm running WinXP with SP2. The mp3 player is one I got from ebuyer.com. It's a "Stage Tiny 1GB MP3 Player in Black" quickfind code: 132910.

It comes w a cd with some software. However in the Driver Folder, I can't find an .exe file, there is a few .sys files n etc. So how do I install the driver for the device ?


Twinhead efio !2600 bought in 2003. Installed WinXP with SP2 on it.

List of "Sound and Audio Device Properties" -> "Hardware" tab :
slimtype combo lsc-24081
unimodem half-duples audio device
vinyl ac'97 codec combo driver (WDM)
audio codes
legacy audio drivers
media control devices
legacy video capture devices
video codecs
All: "Device is working properly."

In device manager, there is 1 yellow "?", with 4 items under it.
1) Location: Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Embedded Controller
2) Location: on VIA PCI to ISA bridge
3) Location: Location 0
4) Location: Location 0

I'm guessing the one I need is the (2) ??

i see you have two sets of problems here what i am going to do is put both sets of your post in to one and deal with both problems under one topic.
saves me double checking myself all the time.

now i think most of your problems are down to the fact your main chipset driver is missing or corrupt.

that is why you have problems with the pci to lsa controller and the
Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Embedded Controller.
would also explan why your usb ports and sound are playing about.

download and install this set if drivers from via.
its should clear alot of your problems in one go

Thanks for replying.

I've installed that driver, but I still have the same situation as before. I dont see what differences that driver does for my laptop.

I've tried reinstalling the vinyl ac'97 codec combo driver (WDM) that I've installed before, no difference. The thing is that I have the right audio drivers installed right ? coz the installation of it went without a hitch. So it should be the right one, and it says that"Device is working properly." So that means that I have audio, but somehow I cannot hear anything.

The video clips I played on WMPlayer plays fine, minus audio. It seems that audio is playing but I can't hear anything.
When I try to play an mp3 on WMPlayer I get no codec found, and it tries to find a suitable codec to play it. When I try to play an mp3 file on MediaPlayerClassic, I get error, unable to open file. All was working fine previously.

I haven't tested the mp3 device yet, will post further if it still doesn't work. Hope this entra bit of info helps. Thanks again.

right time to try the driver updates at twinhead.

use the pull down menu at the top of the screen to select your model.

download and install everything expect the video and bios updates.
Hi, thanks,
I've reinstalled all the drivers except for the bios and video. No difference. No audio n I've tried the usb mp3 player, I can detect the device, but cannot see in "My Computer". I've rebooted as well.

When I click open the "Sound and Audio" in Control Panel, the 1st tab is "Volumn". It says "No Audio Device". When I click on "Test Hardware" under "Voice", the laptop just hangs.

Q: The FIR driver consist of : VIAIRDA.CAT , VIAFIR2K.INF , VIAIRDA.SYS
How do I install this ?

Q: Is it possible that my BIOS for audio is disabled ? How do I reboot and get the BIOS page ? I've tried F1, F8, F10, all to no avail.

Help. Thanks.


~ Patience is a virtue ~
you can try the delete key just after your bios post that is the most common one used along with esc key or F2

I hate to say this but i have a feeling you may have to reinstall windows to clear your problems but check the bios first and if you can remember the last time you sound was working you can try the built in system restore in windows xp
click start , all programs , accessories , system tools , system restore.
something has gone wrong if the via main board drivers refused to load up.

you can also try running everest on that laptop and i will try and find you a early set of main board drivers.
if you look on the bottom of the forum you will see the download section.
look under software / everest

download and install the home ed

with that program running click the little + next to motherboard , then click chipset
post back with what everest tells you.
like wise everest should be able to tell you the correct sound card in that laptop.
again with the program running look in the left hand list for mutimedia click the little + next to that then click pnp/pci audio.
it should name the sound card.
Hi DaveRock,

I've finally reformatted my laptop w a new cd of winxp sp2 and so far everything ie. audio, video n usb is working fine. I think the reason why the previous reformatting experience was simply so awful was coz some files on the cd was corrupted etc.

I have got a VGA cable which I connect my 22" LCD tv to my vga port on my laptop. How do I get it to work ? My laptop detects another monitor present in "Manage Devices" but my tv says "No signal detected". Do I need to change any settings ?

Oddly it worked before, even when lots of stuff didn't in my previous installation. Slap

Thanks in advance.
with a laptop you can change display modes with the FN key and the upper F keys one will look like a small monitor so you push the FN + that key to switch.

now some lcd tv's only accept some signals you may have to change your display size to match your tv before it will switch over. ( my sony tv is a pig )
it should be listed in your tv manual what size the screen will display by the vga, svideo, HDMI inputs,
I've checked my vga driver S3ProSavage.
It only allows 2 resolutions of 1024x768 n 800x600 w 16 n 32 bit colour quality.

When I click on "Advanced" in the Settings tab of "Display Properties", I could see the driver properties/settings. There were 3 ie. tv, lcd, and crt monitors, the lcd n crt was enabled, while the tv was greyed-out.

I've tried playing around w various combinations of resolution n colour quality. It's still the same issue. My lcd tv "No Signal". And it worked so simply without any configuration on my part before when lots of stuff didn't.

most lcd tv's support 800x600 at 60hz 16bit colour

that should be the settings to for CTR monitor as thats the vga output at the back of the laptop, tv out is 9 times out of 10 svideo and the picture is crap on a lcd tv.

did you try the FN key ?

if in doubt and you have a spare monitor plug it in the laptop and make sure it is in fact switching over to ex display.
i know the S3ProSavage is getting on a bit but it should still do that.

what driver are you running that with ?
via took over support for that video so look for a more up to date driver here.

or if you want to try a older driver direct from s3 have a look here.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for your help. I've tried the FN key but no difference. I'll try again later.

Further Driver details:
Chip type: S3 ProSavege DDR
Memory Size: 8MB
Adapter String: S3 Compatible Display Adapter
Bios Information: 42.00.16

Under the list of available modes, I do see the 800x600 at 60hz 256, 16bit and 32 bit colour. And before when it worked, the picture looks fine, exactly as seen on my laptop monitor actually. So that means that the driver supports my lcd tv. I think I'll play around with the various settings and see what happens.


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