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Sony vaio vgn-cr21s MAJOOR PROBLEM .. please help
Hi .. i hope everybodys doing fine ..

i just got a new Sony Vaio .. vgn-cr21s.. however there was a little problem.. a stupid cousin of mine actually formatted my whole hard drive.. including the recovery drive.. now im in Pakistan .. and i have no idea what to do ..

however i have a recovery CD.. of a vgn-cr31s .. can that be used to revore my machine?

please help me this is driving me crazy :P
you can try the recovery disk from the vgn-cr31s but if you look on the bottom of your laptop you should find the product key number of your version of windows.
you should use that key number as you paid for that with the laptop.

now sony can be a bit fussy on the drivers from one model to another so once you have the install done please check device manager for any problems if you find any please post back with what windows you are now running and i will take a look at sony for any possible update drivers and software for your model.
ohh no the dirvers are not a problem .. i can solve that bit .. but the problem is that that recovery disc does not run on my laptop .. it says that its not for my model .. fails the "model check" or watever .. i have a vaio which was originally bought from france .. from the little bit of research i did .. i gues hte motherboard is in french and the boot cds i have of my frends (VGN CR31S) was bought frm dubai .. which would probably be an american model..

so is there any way to get past that .. because im running a pirated XP rite now(everything here is pirated) but i paid for a genuine vista and it defeats the whole point :P

thank you so much for ur earlier reply btw :) i hope u can help
if that is the case you should contact sony,
being from dubai i bet its in in Arabic.

I had a feeling sony would do something like that and not much you can do about it as its built in the restore boot section of the recovery disk.
if you try and remove it the whole disk will not boot.

now this is just a idea and being in Pakistan you should be able to get it.
pick up a cheap pirated windows vista.
now the imporant bit. do not on any account use that product key that comes with that copy as that is breaking the law but there is no reason why you can't use the product key on the bottom of the laptop as thats what you paid for in the first place.

sony will charge for a replacement recovery disk and if customs is anything like it is here you would not get the disk even if they sent it out.
i think your limited to what you can get in Pakistan right now sort of thing.

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