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vista to xp down-grade on Toshiba satallite P105-S6177
needing a link to all these xp drivers,
is it possible to use drivers from other satallite models??
I am having trouble calling up that model at tosh.
i want to check its specs sheet to see what the hardware is.

is there another number on the sticker on the base of the laptop some thing like PAA

yes you can use drivers from other models and if you cheat like i just was and call up the vista drivers one by one you can see a list of all supported models.
then you use the older model number to call up possible xp drivers.
it looks like you have conexant sound and thats going to be a pig to get working with toshiba as they are worse then hp.

from other downloads that i could see it has a intel chipset thats not a problem and a intel network card again no problem.
nvidia gfx might give a few errors but not impossible.

i really need to call up the spec sheets on your model so i can try and pin down a heap of drivers for you but i need all possible model numbers to do that.
if you have not yet blanked vista use device manager and call up the specs first before you try a downgrade.
rite! sorry, pspaau-01100s
I think thats it, thanks!
ouch, yeah "blanked" it already, shit!
ok i have the full spec PDF file to work from now.
this is going to take me a few hours digging about at toshiba , intel , hp , microsoft all of which i will do after my dinner

your sound is still not listed not in the the spec sheet and thats a sure sign its a conexant sound.
i need to try and pin down what one if thats possible at all.

in a way your lucky your gfx is listed as intel and that will not be such a problem as Nvidia or ATI to get working.
may take me about 6 hours as i need to pop out now then have dinner but i will get round to doing you a list today.
ok please download these drivers and install them in the order i listed.
please do not be tempted to skip parts as its imporant that the order be followed.

intel chipset drivers .


intel wifi

intel lan card

now go online with the laptop and use windows update over and over till no more updates can be found ( do not install service pack 3 just yet ) click show all updates and download everything right up to sp3.

microsoft UAA driver

conexant sound

intel video card

that should give you the basic drivers.
you will need more depending on what windows update does or does not find, please post back and let me know how you get on with this lot and if anything is not working.
gonna try it now, thank you good sir!
rite off the bat im getting the send or don't send error report on the very first "intel chipset drivers" i installed a bios from the toshiba website last nite, untill now its the only thing i could find to put on there
My two cents, if I may. What XP version do you have? Pre-SP2 can have trouble with some chipset drivers, as they want to see the newer Windows files.
hey! thanx for the input!
the disc is for a dell and it says its for XP Home Edition Including service pack 1a
You need SP2 before you go any further. I would go ahead and get the full, redistributable version as opposed to trying this from Microsoft Updates, as Updates is now keyed to give you SP3.

You can download it here:

Save the file to the desktop or some other easily reachable place, then run the installer by clicking on it. You will need to reboot. Afterwards, you should be able to get the drivers running. If your internet access is not working, get it from another computer and copy to a cd to use to install.
that sure was it, its letting me do the "chipset" now, good call!
Do the rest of the driver list, in the order that Davey posted. You should be good to go.
its saying that "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements" for the second one listed
but i got the first chipset in, think i should go ahead and put the intel wi-fi one in now??
Yes - go ahead. It should be ok. If not, we'll figure it out...


i'm online!!
Very good.
( doesnt seem rite when it installs the box is blank and my sound isnt comin in but i can live with it, there was one more thing though i would need a driver (i guess) for the phone modem cuz i need to go dial up at times, but i wanted to thank you guys (dave especially) for your assistance, no thanks to microsoft, toshiba, and best buy!!
did you install the microsoft UAA driver ?

the conexant sound will not install without that installed first.

if you haev installed that please look in device manager it may be listing unknow HD audio on such and such.
if that is the case you can try some of the other drivers i have listed here all will need loading from device manager.

this will be a sticky point with the tosh , they are worse then Hp at getting the sound running , all you can so is try and try again with different drivers.

don't worry about the second intel chipset driver not installing it was just to cover your back on your sata/raid controllers some laptops have them some don't.
if it failed to install it just means you do not have them.
again really nothing to worry about but it was better to try them.
ya know i loaded that thing all wrong, its split up into different languages but i saw the one at the bottom marked "u.s." oopsee,
good call on that too!

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