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aries laptop drivers.

Greetings. I'm trying to revive an aries green732 laptop. I need to find drivers for the modem and USB controller. Can't find the model of the modem, which is stopping me and obviously can't use the machine for internet stuff. I think the USB cont' is an 'sis5597/8'. Mobo is an ESC EliteGroup G732. It's a P.4 2.8ghz. socket 478 mPGA. The ethernet adapter may also be playing up, so will need to find the driver for that to. It's an 'sis900 10/100 ethernet adapter. Alot to ask ya but any help would be great.
thats a clone of a ecs laptop as i can't seem to find aries main site.
how ever i can find the ecs G732 which i think is the same thing.

try some of the drivers listed here on yoir laptop.

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