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Oh great search guru...
Have a Toshiba A75-S209 on the repair bench that I did a basic cleanup on. Owner had major overheating problems - after a total disassembly, cleaned a mouse-sized dust clog out of the copper heat sinks...

While I had it apart, noticed an Atheros chipset mini-pci wireless card, but Device Mangler did not have it picked up, and the little light next to the switch would not come on when in the "on" position. I swappped it for my spare known-good Intel 2100 mini-pci wireless card, and it can now access via wireless. Owner did not even know the machine had wireless...

So, to keep me from giving him my Intel card, I'm trying to find drivers for the Atheros. Got a set from Toshiba, specific to the card, which it doesn't seem to like now that it has SP3 on it - wondering if there are some more generic drivers. Atheros gives up nothing.

Various codes on the chip and card are:

Atheros AR5213A-0O chip (looks like a zero and "O")...
...also AR5BMB-43, and PA3373U-1MPC, and WLL3070D4(MOW) on a sticker, and Askey Computer Corp.

Any ideas, Davey?
tut tut tut , not that hard Eek

its built by wistron neweb as a oem product and shipped out to people such as tosh and hp to fit as oem parts in new laptops.

spec sheet of that card can be found here.


some drivers can be found here.

or tosh drivers here
LoL Thanks! Works fine now!

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