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Alps MD 1000 issues with SP3 install.
Hi Guys,
Just wondering whether anyone else has had any issues with there Alps MD1000 printer not working after SP3 install on XP and is there a patch available to fix it. I did a bit of a search around and found a few posts. I contacted MS on there site for the hotfix and it didn't work on my PC anyway. At present I just rolled back before the install date of SP3 to get my printer working. But obviously I want SP3 installed. Any help would be great.


sorry there is no patch out for that printer at all as alps stopped support just after xp came out.

you can try this.
remove the printer from your system , then do the upgrade to sp3.

now don't install the printer driver but use the built in wizard on add new printer.
xp does have built in support for that printer so when it can't find anything choose i will select from a list, xp will show you all built in printer drivers.
choose the alps from that list and it should give you basic printing modes.
Thanks Davey6,
I will give that a try and see what happens. Fingers XX it will work. I use this printer so much for decals for my rods I am lost with out it.


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