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eMPIA chipset ebay webcam need software
Hey pplz,
Just wondering if there is any software for my webcam that acts like the logitech cams (eg, put hats on, fake noses, etc)
Im not 100% sure what my webcam is, but i got it from ebay, it has 6leds, has the eMPIA chip inside it, very shiney lol, and has a mic Grin

try here

its the software that allows you to do silly things with the cams and you may be able to find some shareware at download.com or www.cnet.com

that will help.
just do basic searches such as webcam software and see what the sites offer you.

please remember shareware is just that software thats free but does carry a small risk , always scan the downloaded program for a virus or spyware before you install it , and again after you install it.
Cool thanks davey :)
Will give it a try

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